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The story begins almost 10 years ago with a lover of nature and travel but also the modern world.
At first, I was a store manager for a big brand, I led a very comfortable life in France but I was missing something... I wanted to discover the world but my work took me far too long, the five weeks of holidays I had every year were not enough my ambitions were far too great to continue this life. So I decided to give up and start my world tour with my wife.
We went from country to country from country of difficulty to country of difficulty (and yes, it is not easy for people in the city to give up their comfort...). One of the most difficult things for me was the different languages (I only spoke French) but over time I had to adapt to them and now I would tell you that I speak a little English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and I even have some knowledge of Mandarin.

During my many travels, I had the chance to be in contact with people from many different backgrounds which allowed me to learn a number of incalculable things such as making a fire to warm myself up without a lighter or a match or learning to cook in the way of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia... All these experiences were more important than the others, but I discovered a real passion for woodworking because during this great world tour it was necessary to work hard to feed myself, so I multiplied the different jobs.
With each experience I had with wood artists it confirmed my adoration for this material, some could make sculptures entirely just with wood. They were looking for high-quality wood and environmentally friendly suppliers. I asked a lot of questions to understand why to choose this wood over another. At first, all the woods were the same for me but I was far from the truth, so Papito (the artist I admired) taught me to differentiate them. I had the honor of working with him for many months, but unfortunately, I had to get back on the road.
I continued to do small jobs until I worked with a watchmaker antique dealer. WAOUW it was really exceptional and meticulous, now I can disassemble and wind up a watch and clock without forgetting anything. I loved this work so it was only natural that the idea of creating watches came to me, but not just any watch, wooden watches, since now I know how to work with wood and watchmaking. I thanked Jackson (the antique dealer) and I went back to Australia because my wife loved this country.

For a year I did tests but it was never great I found my models too simple and bland. One day, although not very convinced of the beauty of my watches, I decided to go to the flea markets to sell my creations because I needed money. And this Saturday, July 12, big surprise for me I sold all twenty watches. So the next day I started making wooden watches again to sell on the markets but I didn't want to sell simple watches without identities I wanted to create a movement so WOODSAX® Official was born.
From the beginning until today, my little stand on the marketplace has changed and now employs many people including Jackson my former boss the antique dealer. Today I don't regret giving up my job as Store Manager, on the contrary, life has sometimes been difficult but I have learned a lot of things... And then this job taught me to manage a company with very high requirements.

If I had any advice for you, it would be: "Don't dream your life, live it".

I wanted to thank all the people I was able to meet from near or far, it is from these many encounters that I will draw my inspiration.

Thanks to my wife, my whole family, Jo, Rachou, JM, Veronica, Papito, Jackson, the twins from the West, Tessa, Marie, Margaret's backpacks... Without you, I might not be here.